November 2nd, 2019

What are Electric Actuated Valves?

Electric actuated valves are flow control devices that open and close when a electrical power is sent to the actuator mounted on the valve. Most valves operate by turning a handle 90° or more, to open, close or restrict flow. The electric actuator mimics this movement by mounting a motor and a gear set to the valve stem. The motor turns on when a voltage is applied and the gear set reduces motor speed and increase torque to open and close the valve.

Schedule 80 PVC Electric True Union Ball Valve
Schedule 80 PVC Electric True Union Ball Valve


Why Would You Need Electric Actuated Valves?

Actuated valves allow an operator to open or close a valve remotely, control the valve with a sensor or switch or allow it to be operated by an automatic systems such as a programmable logic controller (PLC) or computer. There are several situations or applications where this feature is desired:

  • Some valves are located in difficult to reach or hazardous locations where sending an operator to open and close the valve is dangerous or inefficient. As an example a valve is used to fill a water tank on the roof of a building. It’s in an inaccessible location and going onto the roof could present a safety risk. Mounting a switch to control the electric actuated valve close to the ground in a safe area saves operator time and reduces the possibility of accidents.
  • For some applications it is convenient to have the valve controlled by a sensor or switch to automatically open and close the valve. Using the valve to fill a water tank on the roof example again, the valve could be controlled by a level switch or pressure sensor so that the valve keeps the tank full automatically without human intervention.
  • Complex fluid systems such as water treatment, desalination and chemical processing plants are often controlled by computer programs that manage the process automatically using actuated valves.


Features of Electric Actuated Valves

Petram PVC Supply is the authorized distributor for Sanking electric actuated valves in North America. Sanking electric actuators have several advanced features to improve reliability and operability.

  • Electric Actuator is housed in a heavy duty ABS case sealed with an oring to provide IP67 protection against dust and pressure washing. ABS is impact resistant and resistant to acids for long term durability.
  • Electric actuators can be set to move anywhere from 15° to 90° for flow restriction applications.
  • Actuator comes in either 24 VDC and 120VAC configurations. Other power options are possible upon request.
  • Actuator includes a manual control for testing, commissioning and to override the control system.
  • Includes mechanical, electrical and thermal overload protection. The valve will alert the operator before damaging itself if the valve is stuck.
  • Able to output an open, close and alert signal to alert the operator or control system to provide feedback of correct valve operation.

Petram PVC Supply offers a full line of Sanking actuated true union ball and butterfly valves at the lowest prices on the internet. You can see our selection of actuated valves here

You can view more information about Sanking electric actuators in the technical bulletin including:

  • Actuator Features
  • Actuator specifications
  • Instructions for manual operation
  • Instructions to adjust opening angle
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Troubleshooting

Electric Valve Actuator Technical Bulletin

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