November 2nd, 2019

What are Pneumatic Actuated Valves?

Pneumatic actuated valves are flow control devices that open and close when a compressed air is sent to the actuator mounted on the valve. Most valves operate by turning a handle 90° or more, to open, close or restrict flow. The pneumatic actuator mimics this movement by mounting a pneumatic piston with a rack and pinion system to rotate the valve when air pressure is applied. Pneumatic actuators can be configured to both open and close the valve with air pressure or use spring force to close the valve after air pressure has opened it. With the spring close option valves can be configured to provide a fail closed option for critical applications.

Schedule 80 PVC True Union Ball Valve
Schedule 80 PVC True Union Ball Valve


Why Would You Need a pneumatic Actuated Valves?

Pneumatic actuated valves allow an operator to open or close a valve remotely with the application of compressed air. Pneumatic valves can be controlled manually with a valve on the source of compressed air. Alternatively, electric solenoid valves can control the pneumatic valve to allow it to be operated by an automatic systems such as a programmable logic controller (PLC) or computer. There are several situations or applications where pneumatic valves are desired:

  • Pneumatic valves are ideal for hazardous locations where there is a risk of explosions such as oil and gas plants, flour mills, and mines. Standard electric valves present a risk of explosion in those environments. Explosion proof electric valves are available but very expensive due to the high strength requirements of an explosion proof actuator enclosure.
  • Pneumatic valves are inherently simpler in construction than electric actuated valves. pneumatic valves can be disassembled in the field for maintenance while electric valves are often not serviceable in the field without spare components. For some applications the simplicity of pneumatic actuators is a major advantage.
  • Compressed air is often more available on many sites than electric power. As pneumatic actuators require simpler infrastructure than electric valves and can often be installed with less skilled labour than electric valves.


Features of pneumatic Actuated Valves

Petram PVC Supply is the authorized distributor for Sanking pneumatic actuated valves in North America. Sanking pneumatic actuators have several advanced features to improve reliability and operability.

  • Pneumatic actuated valve housings are made from durable anodized and powder coated aluminium.
  • Pneumatic actuators can be set to move anywhere from 15° to 90° for flow restriction applications.
  • Actuators can be configured to open and close with air pressure or open with air pressure and close with spring force.
  • Actuator includes a manual control to override the control system.
  • Pneumatic actuators open and close the the valve faster than an equivalent electric valve.

Petram PVC Supply offers a full line of Sanking pneumatic actuated true union ball and butterfly valves at the lowest prices on the internet. You can see our selection of actuated valves here

You can view more information about Sanking pneumatic actuators in the technical bulletin including:

  • Actuator Features
  • Actuator specifications
  • Actuator dimensions
  • Torque specifications
  • Troubleshooting

Pneumatic Valve Actuator Technical Bulletin

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